Herping at La Su An [Date Corrected from 3/3/18 to 3/31/18]

Timing is everything when it comes to searching for amphibians. Available habitat and temperature will certainly be factors. For this field trip we invite people out to Williams County to explore Lake La Su An Wildlife Area. Leader Michelle Turner will work to provide attendees with possible looks at species such as spotted and tiger salamanders, among any other critters that pop up. Michelle is a super nice and knowledgeable leader with a fish and wildlife background. Provided the weather cooperates, we’re confident she will be able to spark some interest in herpetology. To get to La Su An, take US 20 west into Williams County and turn north/right onto County Road 7. When the road ends at County Road R, turn west/left and meet at the large parking lot next to the lake. We’ll be out until about 12:00 p.m.