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Our Mission

Promoting popular interest in the study of natural history; encouraging conservation and wise use of natural resources; encouraging preservation of native plants, birds, and other animals; and collecting and publishing information about the flora and fauna of the Toledo area and northwestern Ohio, since 1933.

The Toledo Naturalists' Association (TNA) was formed in 1933 when the Toledo Nature Study Society and the Toledo Field Naturalists' Association merged. TNA has been the official compiler for the Toledo Audubon Christmas Count since its inception. Many of the early TNA members created the first local bird book, written by Lou Campbell, and first published in 1940. Members receive bulletins and an annual yearbook. In addition, there are approximately eight presentations given by local naturalists, an annual spring chicken barbecue and fall banquet, and numerous field trips specializing in birding, insects, botany, herpetology, fish, and more. TNA welcomes you to explore its Website.

Educational Programs

Each month, TNA hosts an education program. Presentations cover a wide range of topics related to the various flora and fauna of Toledo.

Field Trips

TNA sponsors field trips to a wide variety of local parks and natural areas to explore the Toledo area's birds, fish, mammals, insects, and more!


Whether it's our membership program, community, or  Facebook group, we foster a vibrant community of individuals ranging from budding wildlife enthusiasts to leading regional experts. 

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